Home adaptations

Creating accessible homes

Home adaptations refer to changes made to a residential property to suit the evolving needs of its inhabitants. Such changes may be necessitated by factors such as aging, illness, or disability, and may involve modifications to the structure, layout, or technology of the home. The goal of home adaptations is to enhance accessibility, mobility, and comfort, enabling individuals to live safely and independently in their homes. Some examples of home adaptations include adding grab bars and handrails, widening doorways, installing ramps, creating open-plan living spaces, and using smart home technology. From building extensions to adapting layouts, our design and build services are comprehensive, providing a one-stop location for all adaptations needs.

What are the typical requirements for home adaptations?

As well as designing and extending a home to accommodate for future requirements of residents, some of the common adaptations that can be made to enhance accessibility, mobility, and safety for people with disabilities include:

  • Installing grab bars and handrails in key areas, such as bathrooms and hallways.

  • Widening doorways to allow wheelchair or walker access.

  • Installing a ramp or a lift to provide access to the home.

  • Creating a ground-level bedroom and bathroom to avoid the need to use stairs.

  • Installing an accessible shower or bath, with grab bars, a shower seat, and a handheld showerhead.

  • Lowering light switches and electrical outlets to make them more accessible.

  • Installing non-slip flooring and removing loose rugs or carpeting to minimize fall risks.

  • Improving lighting throughout the home, especially in areas such as stairways and entrances.

  • Installing a stair lift to enable access to upper levels.

  • Adding smart home technology, such as voice-activated assistants, to improve accessibility and convenience.

What our clients say

Antony Kingston

House Rebuild

I have worked with numerous contractors over the last 20 or so years, and would definitely recommend the team at WRS. They’re a family run firm that cares about their jobs. Their positive and helpful approach throughout the build made the process run smoothly, and meant that issues, questions or variations were dealt with quickly and efficiently. They were a pleasure to work with

MRS. T. E. Hargreaves

New Home Build

I have been complimented on numerous occasions about the build and how it blends in with the original house. This is a direct reflection on the work of Wright and Ruffell

Babs Roscoe

New Home Build

I must commend everyone for keeping me informed of changes and developments as they occurred and more importantly for the actual work carried out. It has been completed with the utmost accuracy and perfection from all the men concerned with the whole project