Project Description

Project: Conversion of garage workshop to a Roller Skating Rink

Location: Rollerworld, Eastgates, Colchester, Essex

Wright Ruffell (Sturricks) Ltd worked with other buildings designers on this project. The company has previously worked with the owner Andy Starr on his Triangle Skating Rink (the forerunner of Rollerworld) and the relationship developed from there.

This project started life as a large mechanical workshop.  Wright Ruffell (Sturricks) Ltd successfully converted this to the current roller skating rink incorporating a maple floor for skating which had to be levelled to a very fine tolerance. Additionally, Wright Ruffell (Sturricks) Ltd constructed the first floor mezzanine structure, toilets, offices and serving area.  The client also required excellent soundproofing for the roof and walls of the building, these were investigated thoroughly, supplied and have been a great success.

Since the original project, Wright Ruffell (Sturricks) Ltd have also constructed bowling and the amusement areas following the formation of  a laser gaming area for the client.